About CGG

The greenway connects where people live to where they work and is a vital alternative transportation.  The 2010 census indicates that over 30% of the coastal population has direct access to the greenway and via the trail to many major employers.  Our goal is to bring citizens, governments and developers together to create a greenway system to enhance our communities and state.

The Coastal Georgia Greenway, Inc. is a rapidly growing grassroots volunteer organization working to build a network of trails from South Carolina to Florida through six Georgia coastal counties. A shared regional vision, the planned 450-mile Coastal Georgia Greenway system of trails will make the beauty of coastal Georgia safely and easily accessible to pedestrians, bicyclists, hikers, joggers, equestrians, canoeists and kayakers – helping preserve the unique and beautiful Georgia coast, attracting visitors, providing recreation, and making local economies stronger.

These leaders realize that a signature greenway, like Savannah’s historic squares, will be our generation’s legacy to the next. As the Appalachian Trail has defined a singular mountain experience, the Coastal Georgia Greenway can offer a valid visitor experience, and will become known as a destination in its own right. Ironically, the advent of the car served to disconnect coastal towns and cities. I-95 bypassed and left them economically adrift. The key to a sustainable future will be working with communities to strengthen the connection between the health of natural areas and the health of local economies. The Coastal Georgia Greenway will bring economic life back to these historic communities.